Worcester Boiler Replacement

KHL installs all types of Worcester Bosch gas boilers to suit every household requirement to achieve to lowest running costs as possible as gas and electricity prices continue to rise from terraced houses to flats and large detached properties.

The most popular system is the combination boiler unit which provides heating and instant hot water with no need for stored water tanks in the loft or a cylinder in the airing cupboard.

The combination boilers' most popular location is normally the airing cupboard at high level with a vertical flue system which means your shelves can go at low level but the boiler can also go on an outside wall, garage or loft.

The controlling of the system is normally done by wireless programmable room stat which is normally installed in the lounge or hall. There is also the new Worcester Bosch wave controller which is a smart internet connected programmable control via your smart phone or tablet which gives great flexibility to bring your heating on and off plus superb features such as weather and load compensation.

The system boiler option is where the current household will continue to store water either by a cylinder in the airing cupboard and upgrading the controls or an unvented cylinder can be installed for pressurised hot water with no need for shower pumps and tank in the loft.

The controlling of the system can use the Wave and wireless programmable control with diverter valve kits enabling full warranty cover with no external zone controlling twin coil cylinders are available for solar thermal hot water.

The convention system is a direct boiler change for a like for like installation normally wiring existing controls or updating.

All the systems must be flushed thoroughly and a Greenstar systems filter installed to achieve maximum warranties to years with annual servicing.

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